About us

Committed to positive environmental impact

Meade Environmental provide sustainable water, wastewater, waste and energy solutions designed to protect the environment, drive efficiency for our customers and respond to vital needs.

With expertise spanning consulting, design, construction, operation and maintenance we understand the environmental space. Central to our business is efficiently conserving our environmental footprint and that of our customers, to guarantee sustained long term results.

We contribute to human progress by committing to the UN sustainable development goals, with the view to achieving a better future for our customers, people and the communities we work in.

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Focused on quality

At Meade Environmental we are convinced that continuing human development is only possible if economic, social and environmental issues are addressed as an indivisible whole.

This belief is embedded in our operations which focuses on ensuring the wider public health and quality of life for all.

With a focus on quality and consistent delivery, we provide our local and multi-national customers with trusted and time-tested solutions that enhances their operations.

Our ethics and values

Community focused

We are a working community where, in addition to income and respect for health and safety, everyone can find a sense of purpose in what they do, commitment to rewarding collective action and personal fulfillment.

Continuous improvement

Through training and constant engagement, Meade Environmental ensures that our employees and our clients develop their skills.

Equality and dialogue

We promote professional equality between men and women. Meade Environmental also promotes particularly on staff representative bodies social dialog which encourages employees to adopt our collective project as their own.

Ethics and compliance

Wherever we operate, we comply with applicable laws and regulations. We also apply widely distributed ethical rules consistent with our value of responsibility, community-spirit, respect, innovation, and customer focus.

Stakeholder focused

We are founded on our usefulness to all stakeholders in the various sectors we operate, whether customers, shareholders, employees’ suppliers, current populations, or future generations.

Consistent high standards

We pay the same degree of attention and require the same high standards in each of our ethical and value areas. In this way, we prepare for the future, protect the environment and respond to human and industry vital needs.

Sustainable at heart

Caring for our communities, customers and our people is at the heart of what we do. Everyday, we demonstrate our commitment to being socially responsible and recognise our role in being accountable.

Careers at Meade

At Meade, our success and reputation are built on the expertise, innovation, drive and commitment of our people.

Continually guided by our core values, we are committed to promoting continuous personal and professional growth, prioritising health and safety and respecting diversity.

Our biggest asset is our people and together we create sustained value every day. To find out how you can join our dynamic team, send your CV with a cover letter to info@meadeenvironmental.com.

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