Clean water

Strategic partnerships to increase access to water

Water is becoming scarce daily as result of pollution, deforestation, climate change and population growth. While substantial progress has been made to increase access to clean drinking water, millions of people in urban and rural areas still lack this basic service.

Although public and private sector organisations are making efforts to increase access to water, there is still scope for strategic partnerships that would close the water scarcity existing gap.

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Our scalable approach

Meade stands to partner with these bodies to build new water facilities and expand existing ones with cost-effective technologies from both surface and groundwater sources.

Our approach will impact hygiene related conditions resulting from the usage of clean portable water, and address related UN sustainable development goals.

Through our experience and close working relationships with partners, we develop advanced, efficient and scalable solutions to help communities access clean and safe water.

Our commitment

We are committed to playing our part in realising a future where clean water is accessible to everyone. This goal guides our overarching approach, strategic planning and consistent delivery of our operations.

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