Renewable energy

Decarbonising energy systems to reduce emissions

Air pollution and CO2 emissions have major implications on global climate change and human health. To reduce these implications, the world needs to rapidly shift towards low-carbon energy sources.

Renewable energy replenished from natural sources such as sunlight, wind and water movement help to reduce emissions with minimal impact on human health and our environment.

In decarbonising our energy systems, renewable energy currently accounts for a large share of new electricity capacity globally.

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Committed to innovation

At Meade, we design, install and maintain bespoke renewable energy systems to help individuals and businesses reduce their emissions and carbon footprint.

From domestic to commercial installations, we provide innovative and cost-effective systems to capture and retain solar and wind energy as an alternate power source.

We are committed to continued innovation and developing other environmentally safe and reliable energy sources to supplement the national grid.

Clean energy future

As renewables become an integral power source, we aim to increase our sources of energy generation to include offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, energy storage and other green fuel facilities.

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