Seawater desalination

Mitigating the need for sustained water supply

The demand for freshwater is rising worldwide. Over 97% of the water on earth is unsuitable for human consumption due to its salinity. A greater portion of this is seawater.

Purification of this saline water holds the promise of the nearly unlimited water resources for human civilizations in coastal areas.

Desalination which separates salt from saline water offers the appropriate technological choice to mitigate the need for the sustainable drinking and industrial water supply.

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Cutting-edge solutions

At Meade, we develop seawater desalination solutions that produce water through conventional and advanced membrane systems from seawater or brackish water.

Our advanced desalination solutions consistently deliver on performance and low total water costs targets. Working with our customers and partners allows us to offer the best membrane, thermal or hybrid solution for desalination.

From concept to design, installation, commissioning to operating and maintenance, we are your preferred partner for optimized seawater desalination solutions.

Meeting the demand

We believe in desalination as a reliable source to combat water scarcity and increased demand. Our experts help to identify the most advanced and energy-efficient desalination solutions to meet specific needs.

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