Committed to making our society more sustainable

In delivering our solutions, we form close partnerships with our customers, our people, contractors, suppliers and the local communities in which we operate.

At Meade, a key part of our culture is giving something back to the communities we work in, and involving stakeholders throughout our operations. Through this approach, we aim to promote a better understanding of the environment and prolonged sustainability.

At the heart of everything we do is going above and beyond to help make society more sustainable. Below is our approach.

Our environment

Our solutions are delivered in-line with the balanced environmental and economic need of the communities in which we operate. We continually improve through personalised solutions that reduce our carbon footprint, sustainability-focused events and community engagement.

Our customers

We work in close partnership with our customers to manage their most complex environmental challenges through our innovative solutions. Drawing on advanced operational efficiency and continuous improvement, we strive to improve our own environmental footprint.

Our communities

We demonstrate our ongoing commitment to being a socially responsible business and recognise the active role we play in being accountable for our communities. As a value driven business, we aim to actively support various community projects and initiatives aligned to our values.

Our people

Through our robust safety culture, we strive for zero harm. We regularly identify hazards, minimize, and manage potential risks, and share lessons learned through near-misses and best practice. Our employee-led safety initiatives foster ownership, to drive behavioural change. Our goal is to create a healthy, injury-free workplace and the highest level of safety performance.

Focused on the future

With the knowledge of future legislative and economic impact, we constantly look ahead to plan and develop the infrastructure, processes and tools, needed to deliver results for our varied customer needs.