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Reliable and eco-friendly waste management solutions

In Ghana, about 12,000 tons of solid waste is generated daily, with only a fraction collected and disposed of at designated dumping sites and recycling facilities. A major challenge in the management of solid waste in Ghana is the collection and disposal process.

The tons of waste generated from our daily activities are not collected and disposed of efficiently, in most instances.

To guard against health and environmental issues caused by excessive waste, collection and disposal has to be done right.

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Tailored solutions

At Meade, we support local metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs) to deliver regular and reliable waste collection and disposal services.

Working together with the MMDAs through contracts and franchising, we develop robust solutions with a focus on efficiency, for residential and commercial customers.

This coordinated intervention reduces the occurrence of burned, drain-related and uncollected waste. Whatever your waste management needs we are here to help.

Optimised delivery

We combine our waste management solutions with recycling and segregate waste properly to reduce cross-contamination. This approach optimises our service delivery to meet waste management legislation.

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