Water facilities

Operating and maintaining water and sanitation facilities

Inadequate sanitation, water and hygiene are related to several severe negative implications on health and the environment.

Effective community-based management of water supply and sanitation facilities is integral to improving access to these facilities and reducing sanitation-related diseases and infections.

Irrespective of the system adopted, maintenance plays a crucial role in ensuring the availability and reliability of clean water.

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Our innovative solutions

With capability spanning innovative technology, support and human resources, Meade Environmental operate and maintain water and sanitation facilities which contribute to improving community health and the environment.

Our environmentally friendly approach considers the use of nontoxic material to reduce our carbon footprint.

With the type of water source and quality in mind, our expertise cover managing surface water treatment plants, groundwater abstraction and other waterworks systems.

Sustained benefits

Utilising the latest tools and products our specialists deliver sustained results with cost benefits that meet performance expectations. From concept to build and management, we provide support at all stages.

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